Bitcoin Custody

Cape Breton Bitcoin
Helping you secure your bitcoin 

Non-custodial solutions

Most people start their Bitcoin journey allowing a 3rd party, like an exchange, hold their bitcoin for them.
This is NOT recommended!

Too many people have suffered financial loss in the past.
​Don't be the next victim.

Hot wallets

There are many mobile and desktop hot wallets available that allow you easy access to your bitcoin. 
Some are definately better than others!
Let me explain the many trade offs and considerations of these software offerings before you use them to secure your bitcoin.

Cold storage

The term "cold storage" means to keep your signing keys offline. This is by far the safest way to secure your stack!
There are many
competing techniques and technologies to explore when deciding on a cold storage solution. In fact the amount of information one is required to absorb can be overwhelming. Let me walk you through the various offerings and explain the costs and trade offs that come with each possibility.
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