"Getting off Zero"

There are three basic ways to obtain bitcoin
Buy, Earn or Mine

Purchasing Bitcoin

There are many ways to purchase bitcoin.
Most people purchase bitcoin from Exchanges as this is the easiest way to stack bitcoin.
Important considerations such as exchange rate, spreads, withdrawl fees and privacy should be understood.
​But there are alternative methods.
I can show you good, better and best ways to stack sats.

Earning Bitcoin

Earning bitcoin can be as easy playing a game, reading an article or sharing a product review.
I can share all of the ways I have found to earn sats.
Or perhaps your are interested in accepting bitcoin payments through your business.
This is a great way to stack sats but it does come with various challenges.
I have solutions to share.

Mining Bitcoin

Mining bitcoin used to be a very challenging commitment, but the technology and ecosystem have matured
and mining might be one way for you to stack sats. I can answer your questions and help you to get started.
Let's talk one on one
This way you can ask YOUR questions
​and learn at your own pace.
Sign up for a free 20 minute consultation with a certified Bitcoin professional.
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